Telecom Solutions

Hybrid Power Solution
HPS is an ideal cost effective backup solution to unreliable utility power supply. It provides uninterrupted backup power supply each and every time there is a power cut.HPS provides sequential combination between standby and movable equipment. It provides customized complete BTS site solution including Genset, Batteries (OPZV), and Inverters etc.3 

Solar Solution
We provide solar telecom systems designed to serve the needs of cost effective & reliable power for telecom BTs sites. These systems are best suited for sites where grid/DG sets are unreliable, unavailable and costly.Our services include:

  • Site Survey
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Full turnkey solutions

Solar System includes Solar panels, Batteries (OPZV), Charge Controller and Inverters.


GenSet – DCHPU
  • Energy system to directly serve customer’s indoor/outdoor BTS sites.
  • All in one package so no rectifier, standby batteries required.
  • Complete solution manufactured by Elcos Haly.

Gen Set

Regulators (AVR)
AVR ensure that electronic units like rectifiers etc. continue to operate during voltage variations. AVR prevents components degradation and equipment shutdown resulting in uninterrupted operation and extended equipment lifetime.

  • Reliable and quiet servo motors.
  • Suitabe for kinds of loads
  • Free transferring between manual control and automatic control
  •  It is provided with protection against over-voltage, over current, phase failure and protection for phase sequence
  • Convenient installation.

110-275V input
220V +- 2% Output