Green Energy

Energy-I has got the perfect solution for your domestic power needs in the form of Solar Power systems. We design a custom solar power system for your home that fulfills all your domestic needs and reduces your energy costs. We provide Solar Systems ranging from 2KW up to 6 KW, both on-grid and off-grid.

“Off-grid” also known as stand-alone systems are not connected to the Electricity grid and run on a combination of solar panels, batteries, charge controller and inverter. A back-up generator may also be used for times when battery bank is low.


On-Grid system is tied to the main electricity grid. It generates electricity for your home and feeds the excess power back into the main electricity grid. The excess electricity fed back to the main grid is recorded by utility meter as credit. Batteries are not needed for On-Grid system but can be used to get power in case grid power is not available.


Our services include:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

We also offer free-of-cost trial system so that you can experience the performance of our systems yourself and then pay for it.

Start producing your own affordable and clean energy!